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What is extra-corporeal radial shockwave therapy?

Extra-corporeal Shockwave Therapy (ESWT) is a gentle, non-invasive therapy that uses a series of high-energy percussions on painful chronic or acute conditions. The shockwave is a sound wave "shock", not an electrical one. It is a highly effective therapy that provides quicker healing with no down time, no anesthesia, and no medication!

How does it work/what are the benefits?

Shockwave Therapy stimulates and accelerates the body's natural self-healing process for stubborn, slow-to-heal conditions such as tenditis, trigger points, and muscle strains. It also breaks down scar tissue and/or calcification.  

There is actually an immediate reduction of pain and improved range of motion which means you can get back to your daily activities sooner.

ESWT may also eliminate your need for injections or surgery. 

How long does the treatment last?

Each treatment lasts approximately 5 minutes. Some patients and/or conditions may require longer treatment time, depending on severity and chronicity (how long the condition or injury has existed).

How many treatments will I need?

Normally three to five treatments are necessary at weekly intervals. Success rates with ESWT are unparalleled with many patients reporting over 70-80% improvement.

Should you not respond in this time, your case will be reviewed with the doctor to determine if more treatments are required or if an appropriate referral is necessary.

Are there any side effects with ESWT?
There are virtually no side effects with ESWT since no medication, surgery, injections, or anesthesia is involved. Some patients may experience a short period of slight tingling, warmth or numbness immediately after their treatment. 

Treatment Costs

This non-invasive treatment is an affordable option when compared to injections, surgeries, and time away from work. Typical treatments cost $75. 

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